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All-electric Victorian House Renovation

All-Electric House Renovation

This Victorian house in Castlemaine was transformed into a comfortable, low energy home. It features all-electric heat pump hydronic heating/cooling, heat recovery ventilation and heat pump hot water. The new home married its Victorian past to a modern extension using passive home principles.

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Gas Boiler to Heat Pump

A hydronic gas boiler can be effectively changed over to a heat pump and there are benefits including: reducing your heating and cooling bills significantly by using your solar power, gaining summer cooling in reverse cycle, reducing greenhouse emissions and adding value to your home.

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heat recovery ventilation

ERV or HRV Ventilation

Homes built years ago were not designed for efficiency and so they leaked air everywhere. Modern homes with 6+ Star rating are much more air tight and require ventilation systems to keep a fresh feel inside without needing open windows in winter and summer. Air leaks and open windows can account for a quarter of your energy costs. This BLOG explores HRV and ERV ventilation systems available.

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