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Hydrosol image of one of the Heat Pump Hydronic Testimonials from the many electric heating and cooling projects done over the years.

Heat Pump Hydronic Testimonials

These heat pump hydronic testimonials set out feedback from clients about their electric heating and cooling systems. Hydrosol has been involved with many such projects over the years developing knowledge and experience along the way. Therefore, contact us about what is best for your electric HVAC project. We are often asked about the efficiency and effectiveness of underfloor hydronic area cooling and some of the following testimonials speak to that. For example: ‘’In summer, the house the slab with the cooling keeps the ground floor cool and at a max of 21 C. On the hottest days we run the fans to circulate the cool air. That’s all that’s required.’’ etc.

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Image of Hydrosol underfloor hydronic heating and cooling installation

Port Melbourne All-electric House Renovation, Heating, Cooling & Hot Water

This all-electric house renovation in Port Melbourne features heat pump underfloor hydronic heating and cooling of the ground floor and hydronic radiator heating of the first floor. Multi split air conditioning of the first floor was added along with separate heat pump hot water. Ceiling fans assist the summer cooling improving efficiency. This period house was transformed into an all-electric, efficient and comfortable home.

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Hydrosol image of solar panel installation for solar power case study

Managing Your Solar Power

Understanding the power demand of your home appliances, and timing some of them to run during the day when you are producing power, will reduce your power bills. This BLOG explores ways to reduce your power demand from the grid.

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