Heating and Cooling Systems Adding Value to your Home

Heating and Cooling Systems add Value to your Home

This BLOG discusses all-electric heating and cooling systems adding value to your home. It discusses mandatory energy ratings that have been in force in the UK and Europe for more than a decade, slowly catching on in Australia starting with the ACT. The justification for all-electric heating and cooling includes: a) lower running costs with solar power, b) adding value to your home and c) reducing Greenhouse emissions.

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Image of a Green Pool requiring chemical treatment

Fix Green Pool Water

Fix green pool water because it is likely caused by algae, which is dangerous to your family and friends and will harm your pool equipment. Green pool water is a visual clue that your pool water may be contaminated depending on the specific cause. It reflects significant growth of micro-organisms in your pool water. Swimming pools have restricted water volume and continually pick up micro-organisms that have nowhere to go. If left untreated, they will proliferate and turn your pool water green. Apart from algae, these micro-organisms also include bacteria, fungi and germs.

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Image of a large swimming pool with spa

Heat Pump Pool Heating

Extend your swimming season by heating your pool sustainably. This is achieved naturally from direct sunlight and also from heating systems. Due to concerns of global warming and the rising cost of gas, solar systems and electric heat pumps powered by solar panels have become increasingly popular. The main advantage of heat pump pool heating over a solar system is that it doesn’t take up roof space that can be otherwise used for solar panels, which generate power for other household needs apart from pool heating.

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