About us

About Hydrosol

Hydrosol has evolved as a Design Consultancy from heat pump manufacturing and contracting. We help you to navigate the many options and technologies available for your electric home.

Hydrosol designs and supplies efficient electric heating, ventilation, cooling and hot water systems for homes. We also advise on thermal efficiency.

Electric systems use heat pumps that can be powered by your solar panels during the day to create sustainable and comfortable living.

Make your home all-electric to:

  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Help reduce global warming
  • Make comfortable living spaces

Principal Consultant

As the Principal Consultant of Hydrosol, I am NatHERS registered. I provide professional advice on thermal efficiency and star ratings. Through my extensive experience in the building industry and with heat pumps specifically, I also advise on the most appropriate electric heating, cooling and water heating solutions for you.

Contact us to explore tailored solutions around solar powered heating, cooling, ventilation (HVAC), hot water or pool heating for your new build or renovation.

Image of Chris Siddons, Principal Consultant of Hydrosol
Chris Siddons BEc, Principal Consultant Hydrosol
Contact Hydrosol for electric HVAC heating and cooling advice, installation, commissioning and support

Hydrosol and its associates have the experience, design, engineering and service capability you need for an efficient electric home. We take a holistic approach to the design of your project. This includes the thermal performance of your house, appropriate electrical appliances, your power supply and solar system.

We will provide you with a no-obligation supply and install estimate. We can provide a staged implementation plan. We may provide a referral for an experienced contractor to do the work.

Contact us if you are planning an all-electric new build or renovation, going off-gas or off-grid. It is better to explore your needs at the design stage when all options are available.

When you are ready, we will make an appropriate referral for contracting and commissioning your project.

We only recommend quality products and services that are well supported in Australia.

Free Supply and Install Estimate

Use our Quick Quote Configurator for a free and instant supply and install estimate. Press ‘submit‘ and we will send you a copy of the quote. Ask if you would like us to review this and we may be able to assist you to improve the quote estimate.

Ask us to make a referral for your solar power and battery storage requirements. These are complimentary services we offer.

Hydrosol also has an Online Shop for you to browse products that may be required for your new building or renovation.

Hydrosol can supply products but not install.

Hydrosol's Quick Quote Configurator for all-electric heating and cooling, supply and install quote
Hydrosol image of solar powered heating and cooling, holistic all-electric design featuring solar panels, battery storage, heat pumps, air conditioners, pool heat pumps and ventilation systems.

Electric HVAC Advice

Ask about Hydrosol’s consulting service for your all-electric HVAC design. Explore your holistic solution around:

  • Power supply & solar
  • Thermal performance
  • Comfort and preferences
  • Equipment and materials
  • Budget

Consider a staged implementation plan.

Make your contribution to reducing greenhouse emissions.

Solar HVAC Design

Global warming and rapidly increasing energy prices are the big drivers of the huge environmental changes we are seeing in Australia and around the world. This has spurred on the increasing trend towards all-electric homes.

A comfortable and efficient all-electric home starts with good design. The better the thermal performance of your house, the less requirement you have for mechanical heating and cooling solutions.

Focus on these three areas in particular to reduce heat loss:

  1. Ceilings
  2. Windows
  3. Walls, floors and open windows / air gaps
Hydrosol image of solar panel installation for solar power case study