Multi Split Aircon Systems

Image of LG Multi Split systems with single outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units, various types available
LG Multi Split aircon systems with single outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units

Multi Split or VRF

Multi Split aircon systems provide all electric heating & cooling for multiple rooms using a single outdoor unit. They are cost effective and an ideal option if you are air conditioning 2 or 3 rooms.

Consider Variable Refrigerant Flow systems or VRF systems if you have more than 3 rooms. Avoid sub-optimal balancing of the refrigerant flow if you have large differences in the pipe runs to your conditioned rooms.

VRF systems have become more cost effective and generally provide a better solution with more than 3 rooms. 

Indoor Unit Options

Explore the various indoor unit options to best suit your home and preferences including: 

  • High wall type
  • Concealed bulk head type
  • In-ceiling cassettes


Make sure the fan motor of your indoor unit has a brushless DC motor (BLDC).  The benefits are:

  • Less moving parts
  • Higher torque to push more air
  • Less noise
  • Greater efficiency

Room Zoning

Provide room zoning with each indoor unit individually controlled with its own remote controller. This helps reduce heating and cooling operating costs and improves comfort.

Indoor Unit Placement

Note that cool air falls and warm air rises, so if your Multi Split aircon system is primarily for cooling, then place your indoor units near the ceiling. 


Benefit from a single outdoor unit requiring less space than multiple outdoor units. 

Other benefits include:

  • Solution for flat roofs or cathedral ceilings
  • Reducing large particles in the air by air filters
  • Reducing microscopic contaminants and dust by air ionizers
  • WIFI connection to your electronic devices

Performance Compared to Ducted Systems

Split, Multi Split and VRF systems are more efficient than ducted systems because:

  • They do not have to over come the static pressure of large duct runs
  • They do not have the issue of heat loss in winter or gain in summer from the ducts
Contact us to explore the best choice for your house and budget.

Cost Compared to Ducted Systems

Consider the cost of installation when weighing up the best air conditioning option. A single story house with an attic roof makes it easy to run ducted aircon. Therefore, this will usually be the cheapest option for multiple rooms. 

Consider the distance of the ducting or refrigerant lines from the outdoor unit. This will effect installation cost and efficiency.