Solar Power Your Home

Hydrosol image of solar panel installation for solar power case study
Roof Top Solar Panel Installation

Solar power your home for all-electric heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water and other major appliances. Use your power efficiently rather than export it to the grid at low prices.

Start with good design and thermal performance of your house. Then look at how much power you can put onto your roof. Also consider:

  • Thermal mass that acts as a thermal battery
  • Solar battery storage
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Programming your high-powered appliances during the day where possible

Choose energy efficient appliances that make the most of your solar power during the day. Explore how these systems can best work together with the solar power generated from your home.

Hydrosol can assist you to explore your solar power options including your power supply and major electrical appliances. This includes heat pumps for heating and cooling.

Consider whether it makes sense to upgrade to 3-phase power.

Contact us for a complimentary supply and install referral for the Melbourne metropolitan area. Explore how to maximise the solar power from your roof.

Only quality products are used on our projects.