Reverse Cycle Split Systems

Hydrosol image of a reverse cycle Split system air conditioning indoor unit
Reverse cycle Split system air conditioning indoor unit

Single Room Air Conditioning

Consider reverse cycle Split systems for cooling and heating a single room. Reverse cycle Split systems are an effective low-cost option for cooling and heating. They have a single high wall indoor unit connected to a single outdoor unit.


Key Features

Key features of Split systems are:

  • Wi-Fi embedded as standard
  • Industry leading 10-year compressor warranty
  • Ioniser filtration & auto cleaning to minimise harmful bacteria, mould, odours & particles in the air, so you breathe easier

Reverse cycle Split systems are efficient because the indoor unit is located inside the room being conditioned. Therefore there are no heat losses in winter or heat gains in summer from pushing air to the room through ducting. Also, you don’t have to make space for ducting.

Reverse cycle Split systems are relatively easy to retrofit to an unconditioned room.

Multiple Rooms or Whole House

Consider other types of reverse cycle systems for air conditioning multiple rooms or whole of house. This avoids having multiple outdoor units and is more efficient and takes up less space for outside equipment.

For air conditioning multiple rooms, consider Multi Split systems

For air conditioning your whole house, consider Ducted or VRF systems.