Integrated Heating, Cooling and Hot Water

Image of Stiebel Eltron HSBC cabinet for integrating heat pump hot water with hydronic heating and cooling
Stiebel Eltron HSBC cabinet integrating heat pump hot water with hydronic heating and cooling

Stiebel Eltron HSBC Integrated Cabinet

Choose a hydronic heat pump instead of a gas boiler if you want integrated heating, cooling and hot water. Also, hydronic heat pumps can operate in reverse to provide cooling

Consider an integrated system if you have a small house block with limited space to house equipment. The integrated heating, cooling and hot water cabinet can be housed indoors in a cupboard or laundry for example. 

The Stiebel Eltron integrated HSBC200 cabinet provides hydronic heating, cooling and hot water from just one heat pump. Therefore, you don’t need a separate water heater. This reduces the floor space required and is an excellent solution for apartments, townhouses and houses with limited space for equipment.

Locate your HSBC 200 cabinet inside or outside in a weather proof shelter. Locate your heat pump outside.

Choose a heat pump designed for internal installation such as a garage if you can’t install it outside.

One Task at a Time

Keep in mind that your heat pump can only perform one task at a time so if you are using it for both heating, cooling and/or pool heating, it is better to have a separate hot water heat pump.

Also, factor in rebates offered for stand alone heat pump water heaters, which are not offered for integrated systems. Hence, the net installed price difference is actually negligible between integrated systems and separate hot water and hydronic systems. Space is the key factor.

Daytime Operation with Solar

If you wish to run your heat pump during the day with your solar power, then choose separate hydronic and hot water systems. It enables you to have larger buffer tank.

Oversize your buffer tank for greater thermal mass. This is more important if your house is constructed of lightweight materials because there is less internal mass to absorb energy and release at night.

An oversized buffer tank acts like a thermal battery.

Aqua Plus & Inox Integrated System

Consider the Aqua Plus integrated storage tank combined with the UB Inox control system. It is another good option for integrating heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

The Aqua Plus storage tank has an isolation coil to separate potable hot water from the recirculating hydronic water. It also has an electric element booster for quick hot water recovery.

Pair this system with an Immergas Audax heat pump for the heating and cooling source.

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