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All-electric heating and cooling, supply and install quote

For an electric heating and cooling Quick Quote, click on the Start Quote button below covering:

Press ”Finalise Quote” after you see your quote on screen and we’ll send your Quick Quote summary to you. You are welcome to ask questions or call for a complimentary initial discussion.

To change your gas boiler or water heater over to a heat pump, contact us for pricing.

Alternately, contact us for a complimentary Quick Quote supplied and installed. Let us know your site address, size and type of house and send your building plans if you have them.

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  • Hydronic underfloor heating and cooling
  • Hydronic radiator heating and cooling
  • Combination of hydronic underfloor and radiators
  • Combination of hydronic underfloor and air conditioning
  • Combination of hydronic radiators and air conditioning
  • All air conditioning
  • Domestic hot water
  • Pool or spa heating
  • Solar power
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We also offer a consulting service involving:

  • Review of your building plans and preferences
  • Review of your heat load
  • Discussion (phone, Teams, on-site or office)
  • Written recommendation / Indicative Quote
  • Contractor referral for Final Quote

This service offers more than a Quick Quote. It explores your options holistically, considers thermal performance and solar/power and develops a plan going forward.

For a new building, think through your options at the design stage, when all your options are available.

If you choose gas heating, the boiler is typically oversized. Therefore, calculating your heat load is less important. However, with solar electric heating and cooling systems, thermal performance matters a lot.

On the power supply side, you have limited roof space for solar panels to generate power. Therefore, reduce your power demand as far as possible to stay within the curve of your power supply.

On the power demand side, reduce your heat load by improving the thermal performance of your house and using energy-efficient appliances. Zone off rooms that are often unused. Consider heat recovery ventilators for fresh, filtered air with less wasted heat energy from open windows.

Contact us to assist with your solar electric HVAC design.