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Contact us about your project. Explore with us the best solutions for your all-electric heating and cooling (HVAC) design. Let us provide you with a tailored supply and install quotation if you are:

  • Building
  • Renovating
  • Improving
  • Going off gas
  • Going off grid

Hydrosol specialises in all-electric heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC), engineering and advisory services. Ask us about improving the thermal performance of your house. This is important for good all-electric HVAC solutions.

More Information

Use the links below to find more information for your all-electric HVAC project:

QUICK QUOTE: Use our quote configurator for a quick indicative quote. We are happy to help you fine tune this around your preferences, location, home design and budget.

SHOP: Browse our online Shop for all-electric HVAC and water heating products, parts and pricing.

HYDROSOL BLOG: Find information about all-electric heating, ventilation, cooling and water heating.

ADVICE: Contact Hydrosol for home energy advice for your new building project. Explore options to improve your thermal performance Star Rating and ‘Whole of Home” energy assessment. This includes choices for your building design and energy-efficient appliances.


Your all-electric HVAC solution starts with good thermal performance of your house. Explore the specific all-electric options for your project, including:

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Provide your details below and we will respond to see how we can best assist you.

Contact us for:

  • Free services
  • Professional consulting services
  • Referrals

Tell as about your building or improvement project. What are your project objectives and preferences?

Consulting Service

Contact us about our consulting service to assist with your all-electric house design. This includes thermal performance, HVAC and solar power solutions.

Attach your building plans for the following:

  • Review of your building plans and preferences
  • Review of your heat load
  • Discussion
  • Recommendations and Indicative Quote
  • Endorsed contractor referral

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