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Schematic of Montreal Protocol, Kigali HFC phase-down timeline

Heat Pump Refrigerants

Heat pump refrigerants have steadily evolved since 1987, when the Montreal Protocol set the objective of phasing out harmful refrigerants for the environment. All heat pump and air conditioning refrigerants have their pros and cons. Due to urgent action needed now to avoid catastrophic climate change, natural and man-made refrigerants with low GWP are becoming essential. This BLOG discusses man-made and natural refrigerants. The latter are gaining widespread support because of their environmental and performance benefits, which outweigh concerns about flammability (apart from CO2) that can be managed.

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Heating and Cooling Systems Adding Value to your Home

Heating and Cooling Systems add Value to your Home

This BLOG discusses all-electric heating and cooling systems adding value to your home. It discusses mandatory energy ratings that have been in force in the UK and Europe for more than a decade, slowly catching on in Australia starting with the ACT. The justification for all-electric heating and cooling includes: a) lower running costs with solar power, b) adding value to your home and c) reducing Greenhouse emissions.

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Hydrosol image of Stiebel Eltron WWK model Heat Pump Water Heaters for energy efficient domestic hot water. Ideal for use with solar power during the day.

Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat Pump Water Heaters use about one quarter of the power of an electric element water heater. They are an ideal appliance to use with your solar power because you can time them to run during the day. They act like a battery storing thermal energy to use 24/7.

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Image of Hydrosol underfloor hydronic heating and cooling installation

Port Melbourne All-electric House Renovation, Heating, Cooling & Hot Water

This all-electric house renovation in Port Melbourne features heat pump underfloor hydronic heating and cooling of the ground floor and hydronic radiator heating of the first floor. Multi split air conditioning of the first floor was added along with separate heat pump hot water. Ceiling fans assist the summer cooling improving efficiency. This period house was transformed into an all-electric, efficient and comfortable home.

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