Cinier Greenor Designer Hydronic Convectors

Visualisation of Cinier Greenor hydronic convector heating & cooling system
Visualisation of Greenor hydronic heating & cooling

Greenor Introduction

The Greenor designer range of hydronic fan-coil convectors are manufactured by Cinier in the beautiful port city of Sète on the French Mediterranean coast.

Consider this fusion of art with leading hydronic heating and cooling technology for your building design.

Greenor convectors are designed for prominent locations in your home, to be admired whilst also providing gentle, silent heating and cooling. They make virtually no noise or air drafts from transferring heat by convection and radiation.

Install electric air-to-water heat pumps to supply the hot or chilled hydronic water for these convectors.

Why Consider It?

  • If you place value on having an artwork instead of an appliance on your wall for heating and cooling
  • If you are sensitive to hot air being blown at you for heating
  • If you want effective summer cooling with dehumidification
  • If you want an all-electric house

The Greenor convector sits on your wall like a beautiful work of art, which it is. There are 8 small fans that move the air silently and steadily through the coils at the back of the unit so you can’t really hear or feel the air flow.

There are many designs to choose from or Cinier can create a special panel from your own art or photos. 

Additional reasons

  • Horizontal, silent, draft-free air flow
  • More consistent temperature distribution
  • Slim convector at just 115mm thick
  • Lower power demand from air-to-water heat pumps due to lower water temperature required
  • No refrigerant lines required, only water lines that  are more environmentally friendly and make architectural design easier
  • Meets architectural requirements of energy efficiency, comfort and design
  • Does not cause wall scorching above
  • Magnetic air filters are easily detached for cleaning
  • Effective in sub-zero or heat-wave conditions
  • Infrared remote controller supplied
Hydrosol image of a Cinier Greenor hydronic fan-coil convector heating & cooling installation in Melbourne Australia
Greenor hydronic convector installation in Melbourne
Hydrosol image of Cinier Greenor Hydronic Fan Coil Convector without Facia Panel
Technical data of Cinier Greenor hydronic fan-coil convector
Technical data, Cinier Greenor hydronic convector


  • Very efficient DC motors, 10 Watts only, from leading German company EBP-PAPST
  • 3 operating speeds, inaudible at low speed at just 14.8dB sound pressure, 1 metre distance
  • Patented front panel made of radiant Olycale® stone from the Pyrenees that won’t fade
  • Greenor convectors are protected by international Cinier Patent: PCT/FR2010/00321
  • Option to wire all convectors together
  • International warranty is 5 years for the heating body and 2 years for electrical accessories


  • Engage a hydronics plumber or a/c contractor to install your Cinier Greenor hydronic convectors or contact us
  • Integrate with your electric hydronic heating and cooling design
  • Run condensation drains to the outside for chilled-water cooling mode
  • All pipes must be properly lagged to prevent condensation dripping in cooling mode
  • Valves are manufactured by Honeywell

More information

Image of Cinier Greenor Fan-coil Convector Hydraulic Schematic
Greenor Convector Hydraulic Schematic