All-electric House Renovation, Port Melbourne, Heating and Cooling

All-electric house renovation in Port Melbourne featuring heat pump underfloor hydronic heating and cooling of the ground floor and hydronic radiator heating of the first floor. Multi split air conditioning of the first floor was added along with separate heat pump hot water.

Project Summary

This Port Melbourne renovation transformed an 80 year old period home into a larger, energy efficient all-electric house. Importantly, the original character of the period house was maintained. The build added a second storey with air conditioning and ceiling fans. Thermal mass was added from the new slab on the ground floor with embedded hydronic circuits. North facing windows provide passive heating. New heating, cooling and hot water equipment is all-electric including:

  • Stiebel Eltron hydronic heat pump for underfloor heating and reverse cycle cooling of the ground floor
  • Ceiling fans assisting cooling in summer
  • Wall thermostat monitoring both temperature and humidity for underfloor hydronic cooling
  • LG multi-split air conditioning for cooling the renovated first floor
  • Air conditioning of the first floor assists the hydronic cooling of the ground floor
  • Room zoning provides for partial heating and cooling
  • The polished screed over the concrete slab makes an attractive finished floor
  • Stiebel Eltron heat pump water heater, separate to the heating and cooling systems

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Other points:

  • The hydronic heat pump sends tempered water to the underfloor circuits. This makes the floor feel comfortably warm at 26 deg in winter and cool at 18 deg in summer.
  • Concrete is conductive so moderately heating the floor in winter and cooling it in summer is important for both comfort and energy efficiency.
  • The heat pump sends hot untempered water at 60 deg to the radiators.  This includes the hydronic towel rail and space-saving fan coil convectors installed inside kickboards.
  • Insulation panels installed under the hydronic circuits prevent heat loss to the slab.
  • Radiators, in reverse cycle, cool by absorbing heat helped by ceiling fans.
  • Aircon on the first floor provides a boost for the hydronic heating or cooling when required.
  • Ceiling fans make us feel about 4 deg cooler, so less aircon and lower operating cost.
Energy efficient home, in-screed circuits