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Hydrosol image of solar powered heating and cooling, holistic all-electric design featuring solar panels, battery storage, heat pumps, air conditioners, pool heat pumps and ventilation systems.

Browse Hydrosol Shop for heat pumps and other products relating to electric heating, cooling and ventilation including:

  • Air-to-water hydronic heat pumps
  • Air-to-air conditioning systems (splits, multi-splits & ducted)
  • Electric radiator panels & underfloor systems
  • Heat pump water heaters (all-in-one & split)
  • Heat pump pool & spa heaters
  • Heat recovery ventilation systems
  • Hydronic fan-coil convectors, radiator panels & towel rails
  • Hydronic pipes & fittings
  • Hydronic pumps, valves, controllers & accessories
  • Heat pump spare parts

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Hydrosol Shop – Order Methods

For heat pumps or other purchases made through our online Hydrosol Shop, we take major credit cards Visa and Mastercard using a secure encrypted online payment gateway. We ask for your 3-digit card verification code to provide extra security for you.

Also, direct online payments and cheques are acceptable payment methods but need to cleared prior to shipping.

Order Cancellations, Changes or Mistakes

If you wish to cancel your order, which has already paid but not yet shipped, we shall credit your order fully or apply your payment to an alternate order.

If your goods have been shipped, we may be able to return the goods and provide a credit if the goods are still in merchantable condition and taking account of the freight costs incurred. Let’s discuss how we can best sort this out for you.

If you have mistakenly placed a duplicate order contact us to so we can sort this out for you.

Order Progress

As a guide, you should allow approximately 3 days for shipping or mail. This will depend on where you are located and may be a little longer at busy times of the year such as Easter and Christmas time.

If your goods are not stocked items, then you will need to add the lead time on your goods from order to shipping to the expected delivery time.

Note, some special items need to be imported and may take 8 to 12 weeks or more to be manufactured, shipped and received at our Melbourne warehouse.

If you have a special time requirement, contact us so we can track your goods.

If you are ordering for a building project, it is best to allow plenty of time and aim to get your goods to site well ahead of your installation requirement, to allow for possible freight delays.


Stock-outs occasionally occur for stocked items. We shall inform you of a stock-out and the expected time to receive the goods. You will have the option to continue you’re your order or cancel, in which case we will provide a full credit.

Shipping to a Residential Address or Building Site

We are happy to freight large or heavy items that cannot go through Australia Post directly to your home or building site but someone will need to sign for the goods. If your goods weigh less than 20kg and within the dimension guidelines allowed by Australia Post, we will normally use Australia Post to deliver to your business address, home address or post office box.

If you’re located in a remote location or on an island, contact us to determine the best way to ship to you and to check whether a Freight Surcharge may be applicable.

Pallets and Large Items

Pallet delivery or large items weighing more than two men can handle, will require a forklift or a truck with a tailgate lift. This may incur an additional charge depending on the amount of goods purchased. We always endeavour to keep such costs to the minimum by using the best freight options available (refer ‘’Freight Surcharge’’ below).

Freight Conditions

Our conditions for freighting orders to you within Australia are set out below:

Freight Charge

The Freight Charge included in the pricing of all products in the Hydrosol Shop has been standardised to approximate the likely freight cost. However, should this standardised Freight Charge differ significantly from the actual freight cost, we shall contact you about either an additional Freight Surcharge or Freight Credit.

Freight Surcharge

A Freight Surcharge may be levied if the standardised Freight Charge is significantly lower than the actual freight cost. This may occur, for instance, if you have a Special Freight (see below) requirement or live in a remote location.

Should a Freight Surcharge be required, we shall contact you prior to the processing of your order, and seek your written acceptance or we shall credit your order. If you accept the Freight Surcharge, we shall issue a separate invoice for payment prior to dispatching the goods.

Freight Credit

A Freight Credit may be paid to you if the standardised Freight Charge is significantly higher than the actual freight cost.

Special Freight

‘’Special freight’’ includes:

  • Tail gate loaders required for heavy freight;
  • Other special freight carriers required for difficult delivery sites;
  • Goods that have a specific time of delivery requirement; or
  • Special requirements outside normal freight conditions.

Because Australia is very large with a small population, freight to regional areas can be very expensive and therefore it may make sense to freight to a depot in the nearest town for pickup to reduce the freight cost. If you believe there is a better freight option, we will be pleased to discuss it with you.

Delivery Time

Orders are normally shipped by third party carriers and we always make our best endeavours to deliver your goods on time, however Hydrosol shall not be responsible for consequent issues or losses from delayed freight. It is also your responsibility to ensure that sufficient time is allowed for possible freight delays.

Unsuccessful Delivery

If you’re not around to sign for a delivery, the driver will hold onto your order safely and make another attempt to deliver your goods. If this continues unsuccessfully, an additional charge may be levied by the carrier which shall be passed onto you at cost.


Damaged or Defective Goods

Contact us immediately if your goods arrive damaged or defective. Take photos of the damage and email to us. We will contact you to sort out the problem and if required return and replace the goods or credit the goods for you, which will take about a week to be processed onto your credit card statement.


We are committed to high customer satisfaction, however if you have a complaint with our Products or Services or the freighting of your goods, we encourage you to take the matter up with us in the first instance to enable us to work through any issue/s with you, using the contact details stated on our website. We take all complaints seriously and will investigate your complaint promptly and respond to you. If you are not satisfied with our response, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Office of Consumer Affairs and/or Fair Trading in your State or Territory.

Privacy Policy

We recognise understand that your privacy is important and our purpose for collecting personal information is to assist with the accuracy of our quotes and the relevance of our services to you. We take all reasonable steps to protect the information we retain from misuse, loss and from unauthorised access, modification, or disclosure. We shall not retain any of your information for any longer than required for legal or warranty purposes. We shall destroy or de-identify your personal information when it is no longer required. We shall not disclose your details to any third party unless required to do so by law.


Reproduction of the whole or part of the document constitutes and infringes copyright. You are not permitted to use the information in this document without written consent of the copyright holder.

Information or advice provided on our website or by our related entities, employees or agents either verbally or written is done with all care and due diligence however no warranty expressed or implied is given in respect of this information or advice due to the many factors involved, many of which are beyond our control. We also rely on your accurate and timely answers to our questions and information or advice from our suppliers in order to provide accurate and high-quality service to you. Therefore, we shall not be liable for your decisions or actions taken as a result of acting upon our information or advice.

We strive to keep website information current and it is regularly reviewed, revised and/or augmented to keep up to date with changes in the building industry and with Products or Services, prices, specifications and availability. However, to the best of our ability errors may occur.

Please contact us if you find errors or have any concerns with the information provided. We reserve the right to change information and advice, including product specifications, pricing and availability, at any time without obligation.

Conditions of Sale
We offer Products or Services on the following ‘Conditions of Sale’:

Some Commonwealth, State and Territorial legislation confer rights of redress against sellers and manufacturers in respect of defective goods upon certain classes of Purchaser. Such rights cannot be excluded by any agreement between the parties.

Your attention is drawn to the fact that these ‘Conditions of Sale’ are expressly made subject to such legislation insofar as you may be entitled to benefit from it.

Regarding these ‘Conditions of Sale’, “Companies” means Solar Hydronic Solutions Pty Ltd T/A Hydrosol and its associated companies and agents.

“Purchaser” means the person or entity which is the buyer of the Products or Services.

“Products or Services” means the Products or Services hereby purchased, quoted, or in any way offered for sale or supply by the Companies to the Purchaser either written or verbal.

  1. It is a condition of the Companies’ Agreement to supply Products or Services for which time shall not be of the essence of the contract and the Companies shall not be liable for any delay in completion of the contract, nor any inconvenience, loss or damage of any kind, including loss of profit, whether direct or consequential, suffered or incurred by the Purchaser out of storm, tempest, flood, nuclear contamination, act of God, strike, or any other event beyond the control of the Companies.
  2. Products supplied by the Companies or an authorised Dealer are subject to warranties as stated by the specific manufacturer. The Companies will repair and/or replace products proved defective as to material or workmanship, under normal use, wear and tear in accordance with the specific warranty policy.
  3. The Companies shall not be liable in respect of any claim of any nature for any injury, loss or damage to any person or property caused by or arising out of the Companies’ Products or Services except insofar as the same may be imposed upon us or implied into the transaction by any statute, the provisions of which cannot be excluded by these ‘Conditions of Sale’;
  4. No employee, servant, representative or agent of the Companies has any authority to vary these ‘Conditions of Sale’.
  5. The Companies accept that all orders from the Purchaser for the Companies’ Products or Services are made on the basis that these ‘Conditions of Sale’ are acknowledged, accepted and agreed to by the Purchaser and that these ‘Conditions of Sale’ are not modified.
  6. The Purchaser agrees and acknowledges that the Companies shall not be liable for any delay, inconvenience, loss or damage of any kind including loss of profit, whether direct or consequential, suffered or incurred by the Purchaser arising in any way out of failure, malfunction, breakdown or defect of the Products or Services including losses or damages or deterioration of goods whether such failure, malfunction, breakdown or defect occurs in any component, part or service expressly warranted hereunder or not.
  7. This document shall be governed in all respects by the laws in force in the State of Victoria. The parties accept and submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Victoria. No actions arising out of the sale of the goods or this document may be brought by either party more than three (3) years after the cause of action accrues.

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