Pool & Spa Heat Pumps with Solar Power

Pool and spa heat pumps are ideally suited to using your solar power during the day. Also, they do not require roof space which can be used for more solar panels instead.

Hydrosol has a specialised range of all-electric domestic and commercial pool and spa heat pumps designed for water heating.

These heat pumps are equipped with internal titanium heat exchangers suitable for both chlorine and salt water.

Pool heat pumps are ideally suited to using solar power during the day. They do not take up roof space. Therefore, your roof can be used for solar panels.

For more information: Hydrosol Shop

For smaller pools or spas of less than 30,000 litres, you may be able to use your hydronic heat pump via an external titanium heat exchanger.

More information: Hydrosol Shop Elecro Heat Exchanger for Pools and Spas

For larger pools of more than 30,000 litres, a dedicated heat pump will be more appropriate.

More information: Astral Pool and Spa Heat Pumps

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