Schematic showing an underfloor hydronic heating and cooling system with a heat pump.

Air Conditioners for All-Electric Homes

Air conditioners are a cost effective option for all-electric cooling and heating. Consider the different types of air conditioners to best suit your project.

Consider combining air conditioners with heat pumps. This makes a lot of sense with two storey homes. This is because air conditioners are best at cooling whilst heat pump are best at heating. Both systems can also do the opposite.

Installing radiant heat from heat pumps on the ground floor makes sense because heat rises. Radiant heat does not need forced air which makes your feel warmer.

On the other hand, installing air conditioners on the first floor also makes sense because cool air falls. Conditioned cool air is best delivered with fans. This provides an added benefit with the movement of air in that it makes you feel about 4 degrees cooler.

Ducted Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are often ducted systems. They are cost effective and provide excellent control over your heating and cooling system. Ducted systems provide even air distribution through all rooms.

Some of the major benefits of ducted air conditioning are:

  • Control: Central temperature setting with minor room zone controls.
  • Even air distribution: Every room has even heating / cooling.
  • Value: For multiple rooms, it is cheaper to install ducted air conditioning than wall hung split systems.
  • Aesthetics: The only intrusion to the room is a flush mounted vent that blends with the ceiling.
Schematic of Ducted Air Conditioning system.

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