16kw Hydronic Internal Heat Pump

Run your heat pump system during the day with your solar power for low cost solar hydronic heating. The heating or summer cooling will store in your home’s mass for release inside during the evening.

To work well, a home in a southern or cold inland climate should have plenty of mass. Create building mass with concrete floors, internal brick or concrete walls or an over-sized buffer tank.

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Consider the two systems available in the 16kW size. One is designed for external and the other for internal installation such as a garage or plant room. Both are very efficient and quiet in operation. Also, they are available in single or three phase power versions.

At 6 Star standard, these 16kW heat pumps can hydronically heat  homes of up to 270m2. They can also cool in reverse cycle.

Connect the heat pump system to your electronic devices for monitoring and control via your Wi-Fi.

  1. The Galletti 16kW external air-to-water hydronic heat pump is designed to be installed outside. Contact us to design the siting of the heat pump in proximity to the indoor equipment. Consider installing the heat pump on top of it’s horizontal buffer tank for a smaller footprint.
  1. The Stiebel Eltron 16kW internal air-to-water hydronic heat pump, model WPL 24 I, is designed to be installed inside a garage, plant room or basement. Install ducting for air flow to the heat pump with exhaust air ducted back to the outside air. Contact us to design the ducting and installation site setup.

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