Integrated Heating, Cooling & Hot Water

Integrated hydronic heat pumps can heat and cool your home, and provide domestic hot water. Consider this integrated system if you have a small block of land with some internal space to house the integrated cabinet. 

The Stiebel Eltron integrated HSBC 200 cabinet provides hydronic heating, cooling and hot water from just one heat pump. Therefore, you don’t need a separate water heater. This reduces the floor space required and is an excellent solution for apartments, townhouses and houses with limited space for equipment.

Power the HSBC 200 cabinet with the Stiebel Eltron model WPL17ACS 8.5kW heat pump or the WPL25ACS 14 kW heat pump. These heat pumps are sited externally. Alternately, power the HSBC 200 cabinet with the 16kW heat pump which can be sited internally in a garage, basement or plant room. Refer below for informaton on these heat pumps.

Run your heat pump during the day with your solar power, as far as possible. This will give you the lowest operating cost. Heat pumps are effective in cold weather, rain or at night. 

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The UB inox domestic hot water storage tank is another domestic hot water option installed separately to the heat source including heat pumps, solar panels and boilers.

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