Immergas Hydronic Heat Pumps

Immergas Audax hydronic heat pumps are made in Europe and include models with 5.8, 7.2, 11.9 and 15.0 kW heating output.

These hydronic heat pumps  extract heat from the air and transfer it to the circulating water. If you have underfloor circuits then you can reverse the cycle for underfloor cooling in summer. This works best when combined with ceiling fans.

Immergas uses inverter technology for the Audax heat pump range. This allows soft starting and variable compressor speed for optimal efficiency and longer life. They are ideal as stand-alone systems or can be combined with additional heat sources such as a fireplace wetback system.

Immergas Audax hydronic heat pumps are very reliable and come with excellent warranties.

Run your Immergas Audax hydronic heat pump system during the day with your solar power. This will give you low cost solar hydronic heating. The winter heating or summer cooling will be absorbed by the internal thermal mass of your house then released into the evening.

To work well, a house in a southern or cold inland climate should be thermally efficient with a Star rating of at least 6. It is best to have plenty of thermal mass within the building envelope such as a concrete slab.

There are a range of room climate controllers available including the intelligent Nest controller. Interface the controller with your electronic devices.

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