Centralised Ducted Systems

The new Stiebel Eltron models LWZ 180 and LWZ 280 are Centralised systems typically installed in 7+ Star rated homes that are highly insulated and very air tight requiring minimal mechanical heating and cooling. However, 7+ Star homes do require good ventilation systems such as these.

Centralised systems have small diameter ducting running to all rooms of your home. They can capture up to 94% of the outgoing heating or cooling and transfer it to the incoming fresh air to reduce your operating costs whilst making your home feel fresh and airy.

They measure and manage carbon dioxide levels, humidity and balance air temperature in every room. They help prevent condensation and mould build-up through improved air flow rates of 60 – 350 m3/h.

Centralised systems are more expensive than Decentralised systems but are more sophisticated and effective, with greater functionality.

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