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Hydrosol's Quick Quote Configurator for all-electric heating and cooling, supply and install quote
All-electric heating and cooling, supply and install quote

Click through to our Quick Quote Configurator for your all-electric heating and cooling, supply and install quote including:

Press ”Submit” and we’ll send your Quick Quote summary to you.

Alternately, contact us and we’ll provide an all-electric heating and cooling, supply and install quote for you. We can also make a referral to explore your solar power requirements in detail. These are complimentary services.

Provide us with your preferences, and building plans if you have them, including:

  • Hydronic underfloor heating and cooling
  • Hydronic radiator heating and cooling
  • Combination of hydronic underfloor and radiators
  • Combination of hydronic underfloor and air conditioning
  • Combination of hydronic radiators and air conditioning
  • All air conditioning
  • Domestic hot water
  • Pool or spa heating
  • Solar power
Hydrosol image of holistic all-electric heating and cooling systems integrated with solar power.
Hydrosol's process map for all-electric heating and cooling design, and supply and install quote

We also offer a consulting service involving:

  • Review of your building plans and preferences
  • Review of your heat load
  • Discussion (phone, on-site or office)
  • Written recommendation / Indicative Quote
  • Contractor referral for Final Quote

This service offers more than a Quick Quote. It takes into account your building design and thermal performance of your new building or renovation.  Make sure your all-electric design works as you expect. 

Think through your options at the design stage.

When you heat with gas, the boiler is usually oversized so it does not matter about the thermal performance of your house to stay warm in winter, except for the operating bills. However, with all-electric heating and cooling systems, thermal performance matters a lot.

This is because you have only limited roof space for solar power, which obviously limits your power production. Therefore, you need to reduce your power demand as far as possible to stay under the curve of your power supply.

For all-electric homes, match your heating and cooling equipment to your heat load. Contact us to assist.

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